JPOD is truly a passionate and talented beat chef. He is known for his unique flavor as well as having precise musical and technical skills. He plays many styles including glitch-hop, funk, hip-hop, dancehall, world fusion and breaks, all live-mashed together with samples and acapellas. Lately he has taken to remixing unconventional roots styles such as gospel, bluegrass, folk, swing and blues. When he plays his passion is contagious and it quickly inspires both smiling faces and dancing feet.

JPOD’s life has always been rooted in music. He was raised on piano lessons, jazz and worship music and began experimentally producing at the age of 15. He was soon inspired by turntables and mentally envisioned the movements of scratching before even touching a crossfader. At 19 he began DJing and instantly adapted his musical ear to mixing. He first came into the scene with an instant residency at HiGHER GRoUND in Kelowna BC from 2004 to 2008. His unique style also earned an annual residency in the Fractal Forest at Shambhala Music Festival where he has played every year since 2005. He has since played festivals across the globe including Rainbow Serpent (AUS), The Bounce (US), Bass Coast (CAN), Envision (Costa Rica), Earth Frequency (AUS) and many more beautiful boutique festivals.

Like any passion, JPOD’s DJ style continues to evolve. His goal has always been to do something different to keep listeners on their toes and to satisfy his artistic heart. JPOD began DJing with vinyl in 1999 and naturally progressed into Serato in order to expand his catalog and abilities. In 2007 JPOD transitioned from turntables to Ableton Live in an effort to continue growing his production skills as well as satisfy his musical passion while backpacking South East Asia. His DJ style now fully encompasses live remixing, effects and beat creation while maintaining the unique flavor he has always had.

JPOD also runs a digital label / tool shop called Swing Set Sounds. This project is based on the belief that the future of DJing is edits, remixes and live remixing and that the necessary tools should be more readily available. JPOD has released several EPs through Swing Set, his debut album Halfsteppin and two remix albums of unique roots styles including bluegrass, gospel and folk rock. He has released music on other labels such as ESL, Fort Knox Recordings, Bombastic Jam, Air Recordings, Simplify Recordings, Muti Music, Jalapeno Records and Sonic Turtle. He is also known to frequently create signature-sounding bootleg remixes that are always given away for free.

With non-stop requests to keep doing what he’s doing JPOD has no plan to slow down any time soon. He guarantees to bring an interesting and innovative show with a little something you’ve heard before combined with something you haven’t.