This is the mothership for our organization.  The first Speakeasy parties began in lofts around Montreal, culminating with a huge event including an old clawfot bathtub full of drinks in the middle of the dancefloor.  Our first club event had one of our favourites, dunkelbunt, at the controls with a total of 13 people on the dance floor on a Monday night.  In the 3 years since then, we have grown to a monthly that is packed to the rafters with 350 people and lines out the door at our home base of Sala Rossa.  We have taken a different bent than many electro swing events worldwide, as we don't focus on swing house, though it is a part of the nights.  We focus on swing hop, breaks, ghetto swing,  traditional swing, drum n bass, swing dub, and more.  We keep the vibes shifting throughout the night with DJ changes every 30 minutes so the energy is always growing, and the dance floor is hopping.  We have also had many events at a variety of venues all over the city, including playing at festivals like Piknik Electronik, Igloofest, as well as a varitey of clubs and free events throughout the city.  We are also proud to be performing for 3 nights at the Montreal Jazzfest in 2013 as well.

The resident merrymakers are DJ Eliazar, Khalil, and Don Mescal, and have had hosted a wide varitey of guests in the past including Swingrowers, dunkelbunt , DJ Delay, Smokey Joe and the KidMax Pashm, Al Lindrum, The Jazz Street Boys, Metropolitan Bedroom Ensemble, Mano Meter, Michael Fraiser, and more.  We often mix in live instrumentation with our DJ sets and have had many guests on trumpet, clarinet, guitar, harmonica, etc.  We also fill our events with performers of all fashions, from our resident hoola hooper and performer Jamye La Luna, to various Burlesque, jugglers, magicians, and the like to make our shows events, not just a garden variety DJ night.  You can have a look at our partner links section for more info on our friends and fellow performers.

From here we have spread our sound to folks all over North America, and the rest of the world.  We are trying to take nightlife to another level in terms of fun, class, and smiles, and hope to see you at one of our next shows in Montreal or abroad!