Good Co

 Good Co isn't your usual company. Our employees aren't suit and tie types, they're raucous jazz musicians, our meetings are held out on the dancefloor, and our business model isn't concerned with profits and losses, it's concerned with keeping that music swinging and the people dancing!

That new old sound, Electro Swing combines the era of illicit booze, jitterbugging flappers, and underground speakeasies with the funky beats and the electric sound of today's dance music.

As the US’s one and only Electro Swing Band, Good Co is proud to present this new genre to the states. Pounding dance beats are mixed with gypsy jazz guitar riffs, samples from the past turned on their head along with a live horn section blowing down the house! Take it easy ‘cause we’ve got you covered. Just sit back, order up a stiff one and keep Good Co!

A fun, infectious collection of tunes shot through with a perkiness that brings a smile to my face and lifts my heart. This is life affirming dance music -- Sepiachord
Music definitely needs more acts willing to experiment like this -- RockisRock Blog
I just can’t get enough of you guys! There just aren’t enough artists out there like yourself. Keep up the amazing work! -- Matt Maher, WLCA Music Director